What changes can you make to customize a control unit?

Any of the parameters built into the control unit can be customized to meet user requirements.

The most common program customization requested is a change to the time sequences built into the control unit. This is usually done to meet particular qualification timing requirements. We can also change the sequence of the time selections. For example, the time values do not have to be programmed in numerical order. It is possible to enter the sequence of time values in the order they will be used during qualification rather than in order of numerical value.

Occasionally we will be asked to program a very unusual set of time sequences such as 1/10 second increments. This is usually for some type of competitive shooting.

If you have any ideas to customize a control unit just contact us. Some of the best ideas come from our users.

How does your target system compare with a computer based system?

The SPTargets target system can perform nearly all of the functions of a computer-based target system with less complexity, easier operation and at less cost.

  • The SPTargets Control Unit is easier to use than the keyboard of a computer based target system. The SPTargets Control Unit keypad is specifically designed to operate a target system and so it easy to learn and use. Would you think a computer keyboard would be a good way to operate a cell phone or an Ipod? Then why would you choose a keyboard to control a target system?
  • The SPTargets Control Unit has a built-in control program. The control unit does not "crash" as does a computer system.
  • The SPTargets Control Unit does not require a mains power supply as does a computer based system.
  • The SPTargets target system costs less to purchase since no computer is required for operation.
  • Since the SPTargets Control Unit provides portable, wireless, operation the job of the instructor is made easier and more effective. The instructor is on the firing line where s/he can provide improved safety supervision and improved instruction.

How many target systems can be operated on a range simultaneously?

We have an installation in operation that uses five target bays simultaneously on one range. The individual bays are very close together. There is no reason that any required number of individual bays could not be operated at one time.

The SPTargets Control Unit has individual system identification actually built into the control program to prevent interference between adjacent target bays. A benefit of this program function is increased reliable range of the control unit transmissions.

What are the receiver power supply options?

The power supply chosen for the receiver will depend upon the firearms range. If the range has convenient mains power available the best choice is to fit a mains operated power supply. 

There are two types of mains power supplies available:

  1. On a permanently installed range, a fixed mains power supply is usually built into the same weatherproof enclosure as the receiver. This provides a very tidy and easy to use system.
  2. With a target system that is required to be portable, a generator is a convenient solution. Please contact us for recommendations for appropriate an generator solution for your range power needs.