The SPTargets Running Man target is an advanced training system that uses modern industrial technology to control the moving target and offer infinite challenge to even the most experienced shooter.

The system is designed for stand-alone operation or for use in coordination with an SPTargets Turning Target system. The SPTargets Running Man is the ONLY Running Man system to offer Seek-and-Hide-- the ability to independently seek out targets in the turning target line, and hide behind them for random periods of time. 

Technical specifications

Design features

The SPTargets Running Man system operates in conjunction with an SPTargets Turning Target system to provide realistic simulation of demanding situations. For example, the Running Man target can simulate a fugitive moving through a crowd of randomly moving innocents (the randomly turning targets) providing real-time shoot/no shoot scenarios. Of course, the Running Man can also be used independently of the turning target system to practice basic moving target shooting.

  • The use of advanced technology ensures that the target is aware of its own location on the track at all times. An independent micro-computer chip installed in the target receiver allows the Running Man to operate autonomously after initial instructions have been received from the control unit.
  • Track components of the system are made from rigid rectangular steel tube.
  • The target trolley is mounted on multiple ball-bearing equipped wheels for maximum stability and smooth operation.

  • Steel components of the Running Man are protected by a very tough powder-coated paint finish. The paint color is our standard military matte green.

  • Heavy duty sealed ball bearings are used in all highly stressed locations of the drive mechanism.

  • Running Man track is available in increments of 10 foot lengths. The present maximum length in service is 70 feet.

  • The Running Man system is designed to be located in close proximity to an SPTargets Turning Target system and it can share the same power supplies and protective berms.

  • The Running Man is available with a variety of mounting base styles to meet the needs of particular locations.

Operational Features

The SPTargets Running Man system is designed to provide effective training in the demanding area of shooting at a moving opponent.

  • In its basic modes the Running Man target can be operated at preselected speeds over selected areas of the Running Man track.
  • The selection of discrete, rather than infinitely variable, speeds permits the repeated exact reproduction of training routines.
  • In its advanced modes the target is automatically programmed to move over random distances at random speeds. Advanced modes include the Seek-and-Hide function, in which the Running Man target trolley independently selects a turning target and hides behind it for a random period of time. This powerful training tool is a feature only available from the SPTargets Running Man.
  • The Running Man control system is capable of operating the moving target automatically. This allows the instructor to set the Running Man in motion and then put down the Running Man control unit and take up the Turning Target Control Unit to rotate these targets in front of the Running Man.


Base and rails

  • Legs: 1"x2" steel tube of 0.09 wall thickness
  • Various steel brackets welded to the base and rails vary between 0.125" and 0.186" thickness
  • Target frame: Computer-designed, injection-molded, UV-resistant filled nylon


  • Heavy-duty sealed ball bearings

Power requirements

  • The Running Man target operated from a normal 115v AC supply with the voltage reduced to safe levels at the receiver unit. No high voltage exists at the target unit itself.